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High Quality EDU Backlinks
You may have some questions about these EDU Backlinks, such as
1. Why not buy high PR EDU Backlinks?
2. Are these links come from comment or profile?

I can tell you the truth, all high PR EDU Backlinks comes from heavily spammed EDU blog, with hundreds, thousands even more OBL and spam comments. Do you want to throw your site in the garbage bin?

This is the reason for why build profile EDU Backlinks. Because you Do Not want to harm your site by buy comment backlinks from heavily spammed EDU blog.
You should build contextual backlinks from high PR EDU sites manual.

This is exactly what you want, detailed step by step guide to build EDU Backlinks and GOV Backlinks!

High Quality EDU Backlinks

One. 20+ EDU Backlinks

All Backlinks you build will come from unique EDU sites, but not .edu.xx sites.
All EDU sites have high PR value.

This is the list of the PR for 20+ EDU sites:
1 x PR4 EDU site
4 x PR5 EDU sites
5 x PR7 EDU sites
9 x PR8 EDU sites
3 x PR9 EDU sites

Two. 10+ GOV Backlinks

All Backlinks comes from unique GOV sites
All Backlinks comes from high PR GOV sites
All sites have high PR, details:
2 x PR6 GOV sites
7 x PR7 GOV sites
3 x PR8 GOV sites
1 x PR9 GOV site

Three. 2 EDU Blog from PR5/7 EDU Sites

Step by step guide to get your blog from 2 high PR EDU Sites, one PR5, the other PR7.

High Quality EDU Backlinks
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High Quality EDU Backlinks

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